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* If you need to miss a week, we will donate your share to Food Gatherers to be distributed to those in need

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Lettuce Club


Eat a lot of salad? Then this one is for you!

Get 3 servings of lettuce every week for $26 per month.


Kale Club

The powerhouse green everyone loves.

Get 3 servings of kale each week for $26 per month.


Chard Club

High in Vitamins A and C, you can use chard to make everything from hearty soups to colorful salads

Get 3 servings of chard each week for $35 per month.


Variety Pack

Do you know you want delicious and healthy greens but can’t choose which ones? Let us choose for you!

Get 5 servings of at least 2 varieties of greens each week for $44 per month.